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how do you post a bike?

trailblazer83trailblazer83 Posts: 87
edited November 2008 in MTB general
Hi, just trying to sell my bike but not sure how I would post it if someone wanted me to. has anyone got any experiance of this? Just really need to know rough costs and how to package it.

Hope you can help



  • handfulhandful Posts: 920 ... ?vid=29134

    Any help? American I know but some advice anyway. Another video here suggests getting a box from your LBS? Can't help with costs I'm afraid
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  • jacktheocjacktheoc Posts: 1,556
    Ive posted about 6bikes now and i just go down to any bike shop and get a bike box, once ive taken the front wheel off, turned the bars so there inline with the frame and taken the pedals off it usually just slips in.
    then i bubble wrap it all up and put the wheel next to the frame in the box and the pedals bagged up so they dont bounce about and scratch the frame etc then jobs a good 'en :D
    i send it parcelfore next day for £33
    no problems with them as of yet..
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