Inner tube valve length

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I need to buy some spare tubes for my new 2008 SCR1. To save me having to take a tyre off to check, can any SCR1 owner tell me what valve length is needed for the Giant rims ?

Also, does anyone know if there are problems fitting an 18-25 tube in the stock Kenda tyres (700 x 26).

Thanks in advance.


  • If your bike uses Alex Da22 Rims buy the inner tubes with a long valve.
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    Thanks but it's got the Giant rims (IOU 333, I think).
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    go long if in doubt - Chainreaction don't seem to charge more for long valves - whereas my lbs only stocks short valves, but will sell a pair of valve extenders for £8 !!!!
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    Thanks. Seems the best plan. Long valves it is.