Anyone used a Topeak Dynapack for commuitng?

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Any opinions on the Dynapack or the Dynapack DX?

Does it move around much?



  • I used to use this ... 360029322/ only ever moved if I caught it when swinging my leg over the bike. It did bounce up and down in the frame causing it to hit the tyre until I moved it up the post.
    FCN 11, Hmmm
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    If it helps anyone else, I bought the Dynapack DX from Rutland.

    Generally pretty happy with it - both light and strong.

    On my 53cm racing frame it is well clear of the rear wheel, even at the lowest part of the seat post.

    Also big enough to take a good change of clothing, including shoes. Easy to clip in and out ay journey's end.

    Still too small for a small laptop, so I may have a go at attaching another bag to the Dynapack frame.

    Overall a good option for carrying up to 4.5kg on a road bike.
  • How does the quick release work? ie does the whole unit unclip from the seat post or does part of it stay on the post and the bag clips into it? (if that makes any sense).