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    We've had this thread I think ;) I think he's 100% in the wrong but I can't blame him for trying it. Even if you accept that QR's a flawed system- and tbh, of course it is- any rider care should have prevented this, I have absolutely no idea how you could fail to notice a loose wheel for long enough for it to work completely loose and fall out. Even if you're a mechanical numpty, you should think "something's wrong" and stop. I really feel for the guy but he's basically saying he should have been protected from himself by Fox.
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  • amt27amt27 Posts: 320
    the only outcome is increased prices for everyone else, cos Fox will have to pay for legal fees and increased public liability insurance,
  • NorthwindNorthwind Posts: 14,675
    Well, hopefully it'll speed the move to the newer spindle standards too, since most (all?) are immune.
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  • Nothing is immune from rider error...

    you could weld the axle into the dropouts but if the rider doesn't install it properly then they'll still injure themselves.
  • um... its common sense!
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