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Focus Cayo 2009 v Trek 1.7 2009

merlinghndmerlinghnd Posts: 106
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Hello Everyone,

I am divering between the Focus Cayo and Trek 1.7 2009 models.

I am on a Halfords C2W with a £1000 to spend (I have tried persuading the company to change to a better scheme but no go).

I have sat on a 56 Trek and liked it but at 6'4" feel I need to go much larger, possibly the full 62.

I like the idea of the Focus and carbon fibre but am a bit concerned about durability as I am nearly 16 stone. Therefore I tend towards the Trek 1.7 thinking the aluminum frame might be a more appropriate and safer bet. The Trek also leaves me with a few pennies to get pedals etc.

Any thoughts from experts out there??

Thanks for looking.


  • i read somewhere that the Focus has a 16 stone limit so as long as you don't put more weight on you'll be fine, see this thread, hope this helps 8) :)
  • gkerr4gkerr4 Posts: 3,408
    the cayo is a much better buy - an awful lot more bike for the money .

    i've not heard of the weight limit on the cayo

    I just think that the trek - nice bike and all - but you will want to upgrade to something after a short while and the cayo is the sort of bike you would upgrade to!! - might as well get it to start with.

    are you sure halfords will even get you a focus btw? - there was a bit of a fall out earlier in the year I believe and they stopped supplying them through the C2W scheme!
  • Just spoken to Halfords C2W and they confirm they CANNOT supply Focus Cayo (apparently Wiggle won't sell it to them). They can obtain other sub £1000 Focus bikes although there may be a long delay.

    Looks like a 1.7 then. However Trek will not deliver to Halfords stores and you must pick up from an approved shop. Might be better put together then.
  • ram038ram038 Posts: 187
    I have just got a list of bikes that can be supplied from Halfords C2W scheme. However this list does contradict what I have been told before when I have phoned them up regarding specific bikes i.e Wilier and Orbea

    Here is a list of the bikes we can supply, which aren't in store:

    Trek (Collection from supplier only)
    Marin (Collection from supplier only)
    Gary Fisher (Collection from supplier only)
    GT (Also in store)
    Claud Butler
    Cannondale (Home delivery only)
    Norco (Collection from supplier only)
    Scott (Home delivery only)
    Viner (Halfords C2W special edition only)
    Wilier (Home delivery only)
  • gkerr4gkerr4 Posts: 3,408
    you could probably put a nero corsa carbon ribble spec together for under a grand - i'm sure they would do something for you at that price point.
  • If you email [email protected] they will be able to sort you a Cayo through Halfords
  • ram038ram038 Posts: 187
    Tempestas wrote:
    If you email [email protected] they will be able to sort you a Cayo through Halfords

    Just received a reply to an email i sent Wiggle and they say that Halfords won't buy the Cayo off of them for the C2W.
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