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fixed gear rear wheel moving

david12656david12656 Posts: 32
edited November 2008 in Road general
on my fixed gear convertion after every ride i have to adjust the wheel as the chain goes loose is there anything i can do to stop this or do i just use a longer spanner


  • redveeredvee Posts: 11,921
    Chain tugs if you can fit them. You do have horizontal rear facing dropouts? The chain tugsrecommended here are the MKS ones sold by hubjub, though the last ime I looked they didn't have any in stock. Give them a week or two and they should be back in stock.
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  • mattsccmmattsccm Posts: 401
    More force I use QR's no probs on my fixed.
  • You do have horizontal rear facing dropouts?

    No he may have track ends ! Track ends are not drop outs, as the wheel won't "drop out" of them ! :shock:
  • Have you got decent grippy track nuts?
  • got myself a big spanner seem to have done the trick
    thanks for the help
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