advice on switching on lights

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Advice on switching your lights on. Stop your bike first. Tried to be clever by putting hand behind to turn on rear light, then thought I wonder if its on, so decided to turn round to have a look, turned back and was heading for the kerb. Too late to release clipless pedals. Now have a massive bruise on arm, road rash on my hip and a wife that just shakes her head in disbelief. Fortunately no cars coming either way so got up quick and carried on as if nothing had happened oops


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    Sorry to hear that but I turn mine on before I start out or stop as I lose a back light trying to clip it on as I was riding.
    Hit a bump and off it came, no more light.

    Glad you are not too hurt.
  • hold you hand behind the rear light and you can see whether it's on or not.

    You still have to look, obviously, but it's easier than looking at the light itself.

    Same thing for front lights!