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Night Riding...Who's Scared

Paul ShPaul Sh Posts: 607
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Over the last couple of months i've built up the bug for night riding, mainly due to youtube videos, I've just bought a couple of what i consider to be top notch lights, (did i mention i'm a night person so night riding suits me down to the ground) but here's the thing, because of my life style and my work i won't have too many buddies to go out with, so i'm left to go it alone.

The thing is i'm a little bit apprehensive, it would be great with a couple of other guys (safety in numbers) but hitting the pitch black tracks and trails on my own is a little daunting, axe murderer in the bushes keeps springing to mind, sadly i don't live in the most desirable area so this tends to make it a little more worrying.
Anyone else feel like this or am i a big fat sissy. Or better still, would you go it alone.


  • Hello. My regular commute to work and back takes me along the Trans Penine Trail for about 7 miles in total darkness. I've come across a few cars parked up, a couple of cuddling teenagers and one of cyclist. As yet no axe murders.

    Its more often than not I catch people by surpise and scare the hell out of them. the only thing to consider is an additional torch, spare tubes (I've got slime tubes so I can carry on without the fuss of changing tubes) and a mobile phone.

    By the time you get going you'll be concentrating that much on the trail you won't notice all the headless horsemen out there.....


  • Paul ShPaul Sh Posts: 607
    You made me laugh there, thanks for that, do you ever get the feeling someones behind you.
  • Always. It's just a damn good incentive to pedal faster. Every rustle in the bushes is someone waiting to leap out and mug you, or some ferocious beastie going to savage you. Great for those anaerobic sprints!
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  • Father FaffFather Faff Posts: 1,176
    Definitely way creepier on your own. I almost always ride in a group for safety reasons but a couple of weeks ago I was trying to get back to Cropton Forest Caravan Site from up ont'North York Moors and it was dark and then started sleeting and I kept feeling there was something following me down the forest tracks. Then I came across a hugely bright light in the forest which turned out to be forestry machinery still working but it was like a scene from Close Encounters of the Third Kind. And then cycling on another light appeared out of the dark coming towards me which turned out to be another cyclist on their own.
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  • KB8KB8 Posts: 123
    Night riding is great, up in the Lakes here so plenty of wildlife. Always getting freaked out when some little creatures eyes light up off the reflection.

    When I stop to refuel on the long rides I switch off my lights to conserve energy and as I have Cateye Tripleshot, only the option of on/off, during which I end up thinking about The Exorcist or Blair Witch Project, both of which have spooked me out in the past.
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