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Pick two colours

xtreemxtreem Posts: 2,965
edited November 2008 in MTB general
Bit silly, but in long term, min 1.5 years at the best or 4 years at the worse I'm building my
curent bike to some AM/FR hardtail rig.
It will be changed: fork, frame, rims, grips, pedals, stem, handlebars and brakes.

White will be: fork, rims (but maybe red or green), handlebars, stem and brakes.
So what will look best in your opinion, what will be the other colour for the
frame, grips, pedals and maybe hubs and other bits and peaces.

I'm asking you this because I'm buying soon 661 Comp gloves and I want to buy it to the
colour that my bike will be.

I know, very, very silly, :lol: , but what do you say?

What two colours you want to see on a bike. 0 votes

White and red
0% 0 votes
White and green
0% 0 votes
White and blue
0% 0 votes


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