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Womens winter gear

brandfreakbrandfreak Posts: 137
edited November 2008 in Women
Hi Ladies,

I want to buy my wife some quality winter shorts and shoes. For the blokes there's loads but not so for women. I wear Venturi 3/4 length shorts and Spesh Defroster shoes, I'd like to get her something that works as well as mine.

What do you you girls wear - any pointers gratefully accepted :D


  • i buy everything from For me sombrio is a definite fave - it's pricey but lasts sooo well. i have howies base layers and jackets as again they last so well and do a good job. Debbie who runs minx is really helpful and will give you advice on what works best and what will fit your wife. Oh and you'll find lots of lovely little accessories too - beware if you let your wife know about minx her credit card will be looking as bad as mine :)
  • Thanks Sara I will take a look
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