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Bruce Thornton
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I've looked at Yukon at 2 LBS 's the 1st had it with Shimano 105 with Shimano wheels, at £1525 the 2nd had Campag Veloce and Fulcram 7 weels at £1299 + a £150 voucher.
As this my first road bike what I would like to know is the 2nd option better value than the 1st?


  • Well I would go for option 2! This thread may turn into a campag/shimano war....
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    i'd go for the second one too - veloce is at least on par with 105 (i would say better but then I am a campag person!)

    you don't say what model of shimano wheels are on the 105 one, but they are probably similar spec to the racing7's - i.e. around the £120ish mark. not too bad wheels on either

    i'd go the veloce save £226 and use the voucher towards some shoes/pedals