3rd Party Chains on Shimano chainsets - Conflict?

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Hi thanks for checking out my thread:

I recently replaced my 8 spd chain with a new quick link connex 8 spd chain. The lengths between the new and old are identical.

However when I bear any pressure on the pedals the chain jumps upon every revolution of the pedals but yet turns freely when on the workbench.

Any ideas what the issue might be?

Many thanks


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    forgot to say:

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    cassette is worn out
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  • Generally, if replaced due to wear, the chain and cassette should be replaced at the same time ie, if you've put a new chain on, then you should have put a new cassette on. Jumping under load is a classic sign of wear.

    Regarding chain length, the chain stretches as it wears, so make sure you have put the new chain on with the same number of links rather than the same length (although this wouldn't cause skipping).

    Not sure about the brand of chain you're talking about, but I often run SRAM chains with shimano cassettes with no problems.
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    I never had these problems with the old chain, it was just a bit rusted, so I thought I would switch it.

    The teeth on the chainset dont look too bad for wear and tear, so I was reluctant to replace it.

    The chain has been thread correctly on the rear del, just can't get my head round why its crunking upon pedalling
  • Your old chain and cassette would have worn out together, so would have still fitted together nicely, hence not jumping.

    But as soon as you replace one of the items with something brand new, then the 'wear' will be sitting next to 'new', causing the jumping.

    My dad was a painter and decorator, and he had 'cutting-in' brush he used for donkeys years, the wooden handle wore down into the shape of his hand. As soon as someone else used it, it didn't fit right in their hand. Same principle as your chain and cassette.
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    sounds like a plan

    thanks for the info!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!