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gtbgtb Posts: 3
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i'm looking at starting to cycle to work, and do a bit in my spare time,

i've worked out a route to work that will be 95% alongside a canal,
i also know a few local woodlands that my mates take there pit bikes to, so wouldn't mind going up there with the bike a few times a month to have a little play around,

so i'm looking for a hardtail MTB, and my budget is between £600-700

tbh, i have no idea about bikes, as i havn't bought one since i was about 13, so am well out of touch.

looking for some advice on what would be a good bike for me to get,
i like the look of the Specialized bikes, but wouldn't know what to go for, so am open to suggestions,

thanks in advance,



  • Be patriotic, buy a Boardman Mtb comp! for £599.99 it has the highest spec of just about any bike out there! The bike is very light for the price and has a really good suspension fork. OR get a Orange G3 tis' a bit different and has a really nice frame and well selected finishing kit. I wouldnt go full sus at this price, stick to front suspension.
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Have to agree, shortlist the Boardman. Wish the Halfords website was better (ie made not by chimps) but their bikes are superb.
  • jaysonjayson Posts: 4,606
    You can look at the bikes and check the specs Here at the Boardman Bikes website.
  • I agree with the others.

    Failing that your budget will include GT Avalanche Disc, Trek 6500, Spesh Hardrock Pro Disc, Saracen Zen, all good bikes.

    What tree ? ...........

    Trek 8000 ZR XC hardtail.
  • gtbgtb Posts: 3
    thanks, for the replies guys,

    been doing some reading up,

    and i think i've shortlisted it now to three bikes:

    the Boardman Comp,
    the Trek 6300,
    and the Scott Aspect 20,

    all are priced at around £650
  • whats patriotic about boardman bikes, they are made in taiwan and halfords sell some censored . buy from your lbs.
  • KonaMikeKonaMike Posts: 805
    The Boardman bikes are VERY well specced for the money !!

    As long as you dont let Halfords built it you will be fine,get your LBS to build it or do it yourself !
  • Is your company part of the cycle to work scheme?
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    phelim1 wrote:
    whats patriotic about boardman bikes, they are made in taiwan and halfords sell some censored . buy from your lbs.

    They are the best specced and value bikes on the market. What is wrong with Taiwan? Most of the worlds bikes are made in the far east.
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