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oldholbornoldholborn Posts: 114
edited November 2008 in XC and Enduro
Im hoping to enter my first race next year.
How long does a race last and what speed should I be doing?
I mainly ride bridlepaths.
What do technical sections include and how can I prepare for them?


  • streakostreako Posts: 2,937
    Depending on your category a race will be 1.5 to 2 hours long. You must go as fast as you can. Its as simple as that.

    The main skill I would advise is to get used to steep, slippery, muddy descents, whilst your saddle is up. Good balance is essential.

    Experience is the best teacher, really.
  • DilkerDilker Posts: 88
    I guess it depends on what you want to get out of it. .

    I guess the best advice is ride a variety of terrain. Make sure your riding for longer than your race would be. Establish your strengths and weaknesses and focus on improving.
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  • Thanks.
    So what sort of mileage do races cover and what is an average speed?
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Depends on the course.

    Why not enter a few fun class races to get a feel for it?
  • TonyWardTonyWard Posts: 149
    Not to be unhelpful but I agree. Speed is so course specific it is really meaningless. I have done one Trailbreak (Bramley/ Dunsfold) and one race - Gorrick Autumn Classic. Both were completely different and doing the first did not prepare me at all for the latter.

    Only advice I would offer from my vast inexperience is enter fun not age group no matter what your age (even the oldest category of the 50+ at Gorrick were much more "professional" than the fun) and start at the back of the grid!
  • My first "event" was the 12 Hour Gorrick Enduro - baptism of fire but brilliant in a team of 4 - each lap was about an hour but got worse with the mud / rain and dark, .

    I have also just ridden the Gorrick Autumn Classic and entered the "FUN" (!!!) section , which was 2 laps - each lap was about 5 - 6 miles and it took me an hour.

    I also agree, at age 41, i nearly entered the VETS thinking it would be a load of old guys not as fit as me - Thank god i didn't, 3 laps with ex-pro's wouldn't have been fun !!!!! :lol:
  • SiLancSiLanc Posts: 180
    You will find a lot of useful tips in this thread... ... php?t=1151
    Lap by lap analysis, videos, photos, race reports and a map of race locations
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