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nap solonap solo Posts: 16
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hi a total new dad on the block here so Im hoping someone can help me out. I have just bought a pair of adidas plush mtb shoes which r spd. the problem is they have a moulded sole with no screw holes. They do have a section inside where the screws can enter but my dilemma on earth do i fit the cleats to them...r u supposed to just screw through the sole? Id love anyone to be able to help me with there is a picture of a pair of these shoes oon this website but the sole looks totally different to mine.


  • batch78batch78 Posts: 1,320
    Hello welcome to the forum.

    I'm not an expert on your shoe, but a friend of mine had some shoes that needed a section cutting out of the sole to fit cleats, his had a very light moulded line between the tread showing where to cut so have a close look on yours.

    If there's no line though I'd personally research a little more before taking a knife to them!
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    please dont double post.

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