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Thetford winter series

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Hi sorry for the upcoming question as i know its hardly unique :roll: I did a search and could not find too much relavent to me so here it goes.

I plan to enter the upcoming winter series though I will have to miss the first race. Also hopefully the summer series will take off aswell.

I have a Trek 8500 (2007) which I am more than pleased with currently running on a pair of michelin XC All terrain tyres while they are more than enough for my regular riding they are abit heavy and slow for racing. Please note I am not exactly a elite class rider :wink: . So I plan to swap these out for something abit more suitable for racing I have some fire muds just incase it is really muddy and some oldish 1.75 panaracer speed blasters my only concern is they may not be the most comfortable tyre on a hardtail.

I would like some tyres that can handle the winter series and the summer series (if it happens) I have looked at the Panaracer Razer 2.1 and the continental speed king supersonic 2.1 the speed kings are £25 each atm on crc.

My second question I've read a few times that Continentals come up undersized if I get the speed king should I stick with a 2.1 or try the 2.3.

thanks for any thoughts you may have.


  • BeardedDaveBeardedDave Posts: 1,977
    If you're after a tyre specifically for Thetford, year round riding then I'd go with a Panaracer Fire XC 2.1. I ride Thetford most weekends and use these pretty much all year round. They're perhaps not quite as grippy as I would like in the really wet stuff and perhaps not quite fast enough on the really dry stuff but you can't have it all.
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  • I did a couple of last winter's winter series, plus Dusk 2 Dawn solo this year (which was a bit wet :lol: ) Always on a singlespeed hardtail and I have used Michelin XCR Muds, 2.25 Nobby Nics, and 2.1 Maxxis Crossmarks. All in a tubeless flavour. If I was racing there this year (family commitments mean I have to give it a miss) then I would probably go for the Crossmarks. The mud at Thetford is never sticky and there are normally quite a few fireroad sections where a fast rolling tyre is a big advantage. The Crossmarks are a bit slippy in the wet, but I didn't find it a major problem at D2D.

    And one tip for the race: try to get a good start as Thetford always suffers from queues at the first section of single track or bombhole.
  • Yeah my Speedblasters "coped" just about with abit of mud so grip is not my primary issue just the narrow 1.75 size on a Hardtail I feel that may beat me up abit even on the 2 hour event. I have come from a FS bike.

    I know what you mean about the start i did the winter series a few years ago. I have also looked at the racing ralph's as they seem to be the tyre of the moment but the price is alittle off putting.
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