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Hi all,

Having done lots of cycling as a teenager and at university (60-100 miles a day runs), I am now running our cycle to work scheme at work.

I am planning to use as much as possible from the £1k allowed to get a bike, helmet and maybe a bib, tights etc to set myself up with new stuff.

As a Trek fan (and also to match my son's new MT220). the bike is fairly decided unless anyone is able to recommend one which is far better...

Also - I am planning to register for the Cheshire run in March and also one in Worcs as part of my training towards what i hope will be a successful application to the Etape on Ventoux in July, and so i am looking to get my MHR measured - does anyone know where the best place is to do this?

Lastly.....I will be joining the Manchester cycling club in Jan and so looking forward to maybe meeting some of you from here for general runs and also a few midweek keep fit trips out....


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    Hi Sport Billy

    Welcome aboard, it will be a case of trying first and feeling which one is best for you, but to put my two penneth in to start Why don't you go to somewhere like Harry Hall in Manchester and have a chat with them. I think they do the cycle to work scheme and they do both Specialized and Trek - The Specialized Allez or the Trek 1.2/5/7 would be a start. I think both have reasonably relaxed geometry and will leave you money for shoes/helmet etc.

    I bought a spesh Roubaix from them at the start of this year and found them very helpful - they will let you try out the bikes first and get a feel for what suits you best

    Hope it helps