mmmmmmm big fat tyres

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As we are in November I thought I was overdue a tyre change from my usual 23mm slick jobbies (the recent snow had a lot to do with this).

I went for a pair of Vittoria Raddoneur Cross tyres in a beefy 28mm stylee and I bloody love them!! Okay, I'm not going to be breaking any records as they take quite a bit of effort to get up to speed but they soak up every bump, crevice, pothole with ease and stick to the road like sh*t to a blanket.

I'll leave going fast 'till the spring, for now it's all about the comfort :wink:
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    I have stayed on 23's - Maxxis Detonators or Specialized All Year tyres - been fine in snow and ice for a couple of years now.