Audax Surosa

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I have been offered what I think is a good price on an Audax Surosa, 2nd hand with carbon forks, vento wheelset and all campag equipment. What I want to know is, what is this bike built for? A friend has a full carbon Giant TCR, is this the same sort of bike (obviously not on spec)? Or is this Audax more for long mile eating???

All help would be greatly appreciated.



  • alfablue
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    Audax bikes are for long mile eating, and can take racks and mudguards, ideal commuter, light tourer, comfy but not fast long day ride bike, something of an all-rounder. There is a review here. A TCR is a more performance oriented road bike, a step up in quality, more expensive, no rack mounts, maybe won't take mudguards, more aggressive riding position, maybe less comfy (dunno).