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just a quick one, im new to mtb what exactly are spds? ive got a new marin northside trial and am looking at getting some clip in pedals for cheapish what would you suggest?


  • ST ColinST Colin Posts: 147
    SPD's are clip-in style pedals that require cleats on the bottom of your shoe to clip into the pedal. Main advantage is this allows you to pull up with your stroke as well as push down on the pedal during your stroke.

    I use Shimano M540 pedals which have been superb over the last 6 months, from new. You can also buy single side spd pedals. One side allows you to clip in, the other is a conventional flat pedal.

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    I'd deffo recommend SPD's, I use M520's and MT41 Shoes, pretty rugged with solid soles; they'll change the way you ride forever! :P
  • Right...
    SPDs are a bit marmite, but it is worth trying for everyone if you see what i mean.

    Pedals M540, don't be tempted by caged pedals or one sided ones, they are not as good as the simple dual spd, and tend to have the disadvantages of both.

    For shoes, you need to hit up your lbs and try some as fit is very personal. I use specialised BG sport ones because they fit me and were reasonably cheap. You'll need to find yourself an entry pair that works for your feet. Remember to try them on with thick socks and never do them up too tight, also loosen them off after about 30mins as your feet swell a bit when you start riding.
  • just make sure you have good fitting cleats that aren't a size too big :roll:
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    cheers! that what i was after!! haha
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