Yey....popped my cherry

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The first time since I started commuting in June, I finally experienced a 'left turn hooker'.

Is that the correct term?

Anywho, coming downhill, about 22mph, silver 207 comes along side me, then slowly edges in front of me and every instinct in my body whispered;

"You're fckued"

At which point the left indicator starts beckoning me towards a 'Where there's blame; there's a claim" mentality...

Then I remembered that you have to be alive to enjoy the compensation and that’s not guaranteed.

So I chickened out and had to do a whole host of daredevil manoeuvres to get to the offside of said Pug 207; which included such delights as;

Lock up rear wheel to change my angle of attack by 45 degrees,
Peddle furiously to keep myself upright
Swing back into my lane as I found myself playing chicken with an oncoming bus...

I'm sure all that is difficult to picture, but I could have done with some cool explosions behind me and a really cool theme tune...I'm thinking Topgun - Dangerzone (any other suggestions would be welcomed).

Obviously I continued on my way...I had no choice. If I'd have stopped the poo would have slid down my leg...

Anyone victims reading this, you have my whole hearted sympathy…

As you were
<insert witty comment here>

Also, I have calculated my FCN as 12...although I have no idea what that actually means.