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I wonder if anyone could offer advice regarding a turbo trainer.

I hope to get a Tacx Satori trainer, but reading the bumf, it suggests it is a high power trainer. I presume this mean high resistance, and wondered if it could be used for easy Spin sessions also, or is it designed exclusively for uber muscled cyclist, which, unfortunately, I am not. :)

I also looked at the Cycleop Magneto trainer - any real diffence between the two?

Thanks in advance.


  • I bought the Cycleops Magneto last week and am really pleased with it. The resistance changes as you move through the gears so can be used for easy spinning and harder workouts. I was also really impressed with the sturdy construction which gives you alot of faith in the trainer.
    Havent tried the tacx but would def recommend the Cycleops.
  • larmurf
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    Osool wrote:
    I wonder if anyone could offer advice regarding a turbo trainer.


    Got the Tacx T1680 last January and am very pleased with it Can be adjusted hard or easy and nice piece of equipment Am sure the Sartori can as well, just makes sense.
    Got it from Chain Reaction for about £220 See it is now £245 carriage incuded (The T1680 that is)

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