Tarmac Elite or Roubaix

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Both the 09 Speciialized tarmac elite and roubaix are the same price so I was just wondering what would I gain from either one? It appears that the roubaix gives you more for the money, what with the zertz inserts but what does the tarmac elite have thats special?


  • sicrow
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    are you going to race the bike ?

    If not and its just for pleasure !!! and sportives then pick the Roubaix, its far more comfortable after an hour or more the position is more upright and less stressful on the back (from a 38 yr old)
  • MRadd
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    If not racing. Opt for the Roubaix. So much more comfortable... but still can be good in sprints!
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  • gkerr4
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    agreed - I was looking at both tarmac and roubaix models at the end of last year and went for the roubaix.

    there isn't a huge amount of difference between the two in fairness - they both score the same stiffness (the "fact" number as specialized calls it - stiffness out of ten - think the elites are both 7's - interestingly the new tarmac SL2 scores 11 out of 10!).

    the roubaix is just slightly taller in the top tube and has slightly more laid back geometry which actually makes it more stable to ride as well as more comfortable.

    the tarmac probably looks better - it looks racier - I remember thinking that the tarmac was the bike I felt I wanted the look of, but the roubaix was the bike I should be buying. I don't for one second regret buying the roubaix (although I admit I did end up doing a self-build on an S-Works roubaix with campag stuff which looks amazing anyway (IMO))

    so i'd agree - unless you are racing - get the roubaix!