Elite V-Arion Rollers

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Does anyone own a set of these --> http://www.twenga.co.uk/offer/43965/608 ... 55913.html ?

I'm so bored of a turbo trainer that I only used it twice! Plus the fact that I tend to plug my wife's bike into it as I'm nervous of fixing my carbon framed bike into a static trainer ... and then there's drenching my nice road bike in sweat !!!

Anyway .. strikes me that a roller trainer would be much more interesting to use. The one that I linked to above would seem to offer variable resistance settings too which seems to address the issue that most folks have about using normal rollers.

Does anyone have any feedback on these or similar for that matter? (I quite like the idea of an 'edge/lip' to the rollers to stop me wandering off the edge (the e-motion rollers look the business but are just silly money at over £800 !!!)

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    People go on about the resistance of a turbo compared to a set of rollers. Most modern bikes have things called gears :lol: Now when you have mastered the art of balance , try changing up a gear, then another, carry on doing this spinning quite quickly, your speed will appear quite fast , but see if you can get to top gear whilst your HR is below 90% , Now really start to spin and you will see how high you can push your heart rate, and now keep it going just another 10 seconds :lol: if you can :lol::lol:

    The trouble with rollers is they are low tech and people don't like that. The one's you mention seam a bit expensive. Just don't swerve for the cat when it walks in front of you, I did :oops: :oops:

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