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How things change

chrisnindchrisnind Posts: 6
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I have recently got back into mtb after a 5/6 year break, am still pondering over which bike to buy. after a few enquiries i can see that things have changed drastically in the this time. So...
What does AM stand for in relation to riding style?
Would a XC frame and compnents be strong enough for all round riding and a bit of moderate DH?
Any help will be greatly appreciated


  • Welcome back!

    AM = all mountain - basically a catagory of bike first coined by a brand or mag that is basically a MTB with full gears and big suspension about 6" front and rear. Sort of a XC/DH cross.

    Things like XC wheels and forks are not good for 'moderate downhill'. But most other parts should stand some abuse.
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  • thanks very much matt, i realise that XC wheels are no good from experience the last time, guess you could say i found out the hard
    As for the forks, i wont settle for anything except fox. but am currently looking at which ones will best suit me.
    im also looking at going for a custom build. so any recommendations for any part would be a great help. i was looking at the giant trance x2?
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