Turbo tyre for tubular rim ?

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I have a turbo trainer sat doing nothing in the garage, along with my old 531 framed 37 yr old racing bike... :shock:

Might as well put the two together, but don't really want to spend a lot of pennies doing so.

The bike has Mavic GP4 tubular rims on (at least 20 yrs old) and the tubs are shot.

Can you buy turbo specific tubular tyres, and any pointers towards a half decent one would be appreciated.

Thanks :D

EDIT. as rightly pointed out below, I mean tubular not tubeless.


  • redddraggon
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    When you say tubeless tyre you mean tubular tyre? As tubeless tyres are a newish idea...

    You "can" use normal clinchers in a tubeless set up.
    I like bikes...

  • twonks
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    doh... Sorry yes I mean tubular as in sewing an all ;)

    I'm looking into tubeless atm for my mtb and was getting all confussed :lol: