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Buying from Germany

ebenzoebenzo Posts: 26
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I am interested in buying the Cube LTD Team 2009 in Black Candy Green.

At the moment, there are only two online UK stockists of this model, Chain Reaction Cycles (who don't yet stock my colour choice, despite saying it would be in stock by 31st Oct) and The Bicycle Doctor. Both of these are selling the bike at £849.

However, whilst doing some googling, I noticed that Bike-Boarder, an online German bike shop stocks the bike, but at a lower cost of 999 euros. At the current rate, this works out as £791.56 which gives me a substantial discount.

There is a slight hitch. Although it does ship to UK, upon entering billing and shipping addresses, I realized that the format was different. For example, the address below is of the bike shop in Germany:

Theaterstrasse 36
D-09111 Chemnitz

Street name comes before number, postcode comes before city/town.
There is also no where to type in flat number, in my case (although, I put it before street name, separated with a comma).

So right now this is what the shipping address looks like (not real details):
Mr John Doe
Flat 1, Some Street 100
X58JK London
United Kingdom

Has anyone had any experience buying from Germany?
Do you think the postmen in the UK could work out where to go from that semi-scrambled address?
Also, when shipping something as big and expensive as a bike, can I assume that they use a reliable courier service like DHL, with tracking and signature on delivery?

The website does offer an English translation which is pretty good, so have a look!
If you're fluent in Deutsch..even better :D, I did GCSE German but forgot most of it after a few months :S.

Thanks very much if you can help me!


  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    I'd just email the company!
  • Same email them and ask.
    Also ask about import tax
  • cjwcjw Posts: 1,889
    Spider987 wrote:
    Same email them and ask.
    Also ask about import tax

    Germany is in the EU.... so there is no import tax.

    Shoulod be as simple as ordering from the UK.
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  • Nice - only 30€ delivery to UK? Doesn't mention which co. they use, but I would guess Deutsche Post (would probably be delivered by Parcelfarce), or GLS.

    I have the same address issue but in reverse. Just fill the form in the most obvious way, possibly putting the flat no. on a spare address line, and the postie will work it out. If the country is chosen from a drop-down selection, then do that step 1st, and it often gives you a new form layout.

    As already mentioned, it *should* be just as easy as ordering from UK, but they may impose some extra conditions like credit card must be issued in the country of order/delivery. (Germany is generally allergic to credit cards, and they don't like my UK or Dutch credit cards even if the registered address is in Germany!).

    Never used that store (normally use, but as they do bikes and ski kit, I may well give them a try, although I'm not impressed by their range of skis.

    And I hate to think how many times I've seen people comment about checking import tax from another EU country ;)
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  • ebenzoebenzo Posts: 26
    Thanks for the replies! Sent an email but no reply as of yet.

    Would they use a tracking service with the post, and signature on delivery?
    I've lost £240 to an ignorant Italian seller on eBay because the item got delivered to the wrong address, and some one signed for it!

    When I select UK in the dropdown menu, nothing changes. I guess I have to leave the address in the German format. Hopefully the postie will have some common sense :? .

    It seems as if credit card or prepayment (can someone eplxian what this is?) are the only two options. It would be much more ideal if they offered a debit option....

    thank again!
  • Will need signature for sure.
    Tracking is dependent on the courier they use. If it's say DHL or TNT end-to-end, then you may see tracking the whole way. If it's Deutsche Post etc. that's handed over to their overseas partner, then it will probably state that and nothing more.
    Prepayment is common in Germany. I'd advise against that. It's basically a bank transfer to them, and when they see the money clear they'll send the goods. Pay by credit card if you can, then that gives you the ability to claim back via the CC company.
    Andy - The Expat Cyclist in Germany
    '07/'08 Cotic Soul
    '96 Scott Vail
    '89 Ridgeback Rapide 105
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