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Tacx flow ergotrainer????

seanfseanf Posts: 5
edited November 2008 in Workshop
Hi people, i'm seriously considering buying this model of trainer and thought i'd make a quick enquiry as to if anyone has any reviews on this good loooking piece of kit?

many thanks in anticipation

is the tacx flow any good? 2 votes

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  • shmoshmo Posts: 321
    Bought one back in April. Can't complain, it has done the job well. Decent amount of feedback on the screen, I usually watch my heart rate and cadence. First mode has standard resistance levels and you can watch your power output going up and down. Second mode you set a target power in watts and it gets harder if you fall below it and easier if you go over. That mode is really good for training cadence as it's like having lead weights attached to your feet if you drop the cadence too much on a high power setting. Before buying I read somewhere that the flow shredded tyres but haven't noticed that myself using a continental home trainer tyre. There's a small buildup of particles but nothing significiant.

    Have a friend who went for the fortius and I don't envy him having to faff around with his PC before a turbo seesion. Only use it on the very worst days though, would much rather be outside.
  • JWSurreyJWSurrey Posts: 1,173
    I have an iMagic, and whilst overall it's brilliant, I would have to moan about the clamping mechanism which I had to fettle in order to make it fit a 25c tyre.
    By the looks of it, the clamp for the tyre is exactly the same.
    The range of adjustability is not as good as my cheapo Minoura, which also has a more sturdy, if less stowable and heavier frame.
    Also, the axle clamp is not as versatile either - where the Minoura will happily clamp the MTB, the road bike, or the really old road bike, the Tacx I have will only clamp a 23c shod modern road bike, without fettling.
    The mechanism seems to have a lot of plastic in it too.
    The other advantage to the Tacx is that it doesn't lift the back wheel sky-high, so getting on and off is much easier - plus there's less of a need to choc up the front wheel.
  • hopper1hopper1 Posts: 4,389
    Sorry, I don't mean to hijack your post, but,I was about to post the same question!
    I was wondering if it's worth me buying this model, as I'm going to get a Powertap, too.
    I'd like to use the Flow for it's ergometer facility for fitness tests, but not sure if it's necessary if I'm using a PowerTap.
    I'll just sit back and watch your thread Sean. :wink:
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  • Ken NightKen Night Posts: 2,005
    Pretty good basic kit. Next step up is much more expensive, and means much more commitment. I did wonder when I got mine 2 years ago whether I should have got one with the PC download capacity.

    I find that I have more than enough info....
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  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    In terms of functionality the Flow has the bases covered - only the ability to download to a PC is not there. I know that accuracy isn't great in comparison to a Powertap or SRM, but it's about a quarter of the price! I ride mine in ergo mode as I use a track bike - just adjust the wattage setting up and down, or keep a constant wattage and ride a different cadences. Don't understand about not being able to fit bigger tyres - I've got a 28mm tyre on there for good contact with the roller - doesn't tend to slip as much. I am considering getting a Fortius just for the VR experience - i want to maximise my limited training time and staring at that little display doing 20mins at LT is a pretty mind-numbing experience.
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  • Yep, think mine is fine too. Having some information thrown back at you (watts etc) is helpful to keep things interesting - which, imo, is more important on a turbo than being 100% accurate.

    That said, I dont think ive ever read a bad review of a trainer - they pretty much all do what they say on the tin
  • I agree a good bit of kit, I've just done the equivilent of 2 x Land End to JoG in just over 2 years (view was pretty rubbish though). I'd recommend it.
    Some of the Tacx online training scedules are pretty good too. Stops you getting too bored!
    It can be a little noisy, so I'f you've got a shed or garage that might help, as does an MP3.
    The other thing is to calibrate it once and then leave it for a number of rides, no need, as some advise to calibrate it each time.
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