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Ribble Ribelle / Condor Barrachi

bigmatbigmat Posts: 5,132
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Anybody have one of these? I am planning to order one, I just want to make sure I get the right size. I'm 6'2", 33" inside leg (I think - should probably check!). My current bike is a 58cm horizontal top tube frame. What size frame do you reckon I'd need? I'm thinking 57cm (the one below is 54cm), with a 120mm stem. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.




  • OnanOnan Posts: 321
    33" inside leg sounds small for a 6'2" guy. Is that the inseam you get when you buy trousers rather than your true inside leg measurement?

    If so, make sure you get your true inside leg measurement.
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  • bigmatbigmat Posts: 5,132
    Yep, its my trouser size - thought it might not be right!
  • OnanOnan Posts: 321 ... ATOR_INTRO

    I used this fit calculator, but I'm sure it's not as good as actually sitting on and test riding the bikes.

    At least it will help you to get an idea of your actual measurements.
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  • JWSurreyJWSurrey Posts: 1,173
    If you're going for the Condor, it should be a no-brainer, as they have a funky new jig that can be tuned to the various different combinations of frame size (and geometries) available in-store.
    I think it's recently been upgraded so you can even pedal on a rolling road, and have different handlebars.
    Had a good chat with the designer at the recent show, and he was showing how this year's road frames have hand-wrapped joints - so whilst they may appear to be the same as other companies' Deda. frames, you will find they are different.
  • Bern.Bern. Posts: 58
    JWS is right, the 08 and 09 Baracchi frames are quite different machines. The 08 version was based on the same Deda Chassis as Ribbles Rebelle and was also used by many other brands.

    For 09 we have built our Baracchi in the same way as our Leggero. While the rear end is produced by Deda we are using our own front end. So instead of the frame being a monocoque where we are reliant on someone elses design we have produced a frame with our own geometry and sizing. This means we can also offer fully custom carbon frame for those who need it. The frames are made from individual carbon tubes that are cut, bonded and hand wrapped with carbon re-enforcing specific areas where it is needed depending on the characteristics required.

    I hope this answers some questions
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