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Best rechargable batteries for a Hope Vision single.

geoffsaddlesoregeoffsaddlesore Posts: 377
edited November 2008 in MTB workshop & tech
Hello all,

Anyone know the best rechargable batteries to run my Hope vision single? just started this night riding malarky with an old set of sigma mirage lights borrowed from a mate, now got the bug for it big time, not sure the local badger population are so thrilled. Anyway, ordered my light from Chainreaction, went on Hope's web site and they state, "chose your own batteries" or something like that. but what works best? I'd need a max of about three hours burn time to get me to the trails and back. Can you get lithium re-chargeables? or just go with NmiH?. Help someone? I'm stupid and confused.

Thanks in advance,

Espresso, not EPO.


  • dunkerdunker Posts: 1,503
    ansmann 2850nimh or maha powerex 2700nimh. buy 8 and take 4 spares, 6 hours then :)
  • Thanks dunker, will get hold of some.

    Cheers :D


    p.s, Nice bike.
    Espresso, not EPO.
  • dunkerdunker Posts: 1,503
    you're welcome and thanks :)

    i've got 12 ansmann 2700's with this charger, ... eries.html

    had that for about 18 months for my camera and lights, batteries and charger have worked great so the 2850's will prolly be even better. that charger does'nt do all the cool stuff the new chargers do at the moment and if buying now i'd definetly get one the new multifunction chargers that keep the batteries healthy.
  • Good stuff,

    Gonna pop into jessops or another camera type store tomorrow, :D

    Thanks again,

    Espresso, not EPO.
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    Try Deal Extreme too.
  • I got duracell 2650 from Amazon for my Hope Vison 1 for about six quid for four.

    Its a great light just a little battery hungry, keep a backup with you. I use a Knog frog in flashing mode so if it goes off I can still be seen.

  • Thanks Mattpig,

    Yeah, just looking through the instructions and it says " Unlike other LED lighting systems, this light unit will suddenly shut down without any dimming of the light". As I ride to and from my trail on pitch black scary country roads, I reckon I'll get smaller standby!.

    Cheers again for the tip, off to chainreaction now!. :)

    Espresso, not EPO.
  • Paul ShPaul Sh Posts: 607
    Go to your radio control model shop, get them to make you a 5 cell pack up, if your light runs on 4 disposable batteries then it will be running on 6 volts as each battery is 1.5 volts, rechargeable batteries are only 1.2 volts each so your light will only be running on 4.6 volts so it won't be as bright, this is where the 5th battery comes in, model shops supply batteries with massive capacities.
  • Mar geMar ge Posts: 88
    and it definitely does shut down out of the blue!

    I am running 2 sets - 2650 duracell & another brand (can't remember name) 2700.

    I get about 2.5 hours with both. Unless you really need the full beam it, I find that lower power settings are pretty good too. Your eyes get used to the difference and I try to use the full power only when really needed. (sometimes too late once you've realised :))
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