Cube Streamer v Focus Cayo... advice gratefully received!

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Having been cycling for a number of years on a triandrun bike, I am about to take the plunge and go for either a Cube Streamer or Focus Cayo. I will be commuting to work on it, and intend to enter a number of UK sportives. I have been bitten by the cycling bug, but am still anxious about the purchase given the cost involved!

I would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions that you may have as regards to what bike would be best at the £1,000 mark. Many thanks for your time.


  • There are lots of threads on Focus Cayo. I've had my Cayo for a year and have to say it's the Dogs Bs. Done 3 sportifs on it this summer plus loads of club runs, some TTs and a hill climb. Copes with all of that with aplomb. Wiggle are knocking out this year's model in the sale. Definitely worth getting sale bike.Next years will be at least £300 more.
  • +1 for cayo. I have got one and love it. Well worth the money, The finish is not quite up there with the real top end bikes but for £900 is well well worth it. As above get the '08 model. Looks nicer and cheaper.
  • I`ve had my Cayo for a couple of months and must say, it`s superb. Enjoyed every ride done on it. The compact chain set makes climbing the hills a joy!!! Wiggle are selling the 08 version at £899 with the 09 model at £999. The 09 model has 105 with the 08 having Ultegra. No brainer!!!