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Best Gig?

NuggsNuggs Posts: 1,804
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Following on from the 'bands you wish you'd seen' thread - what gig was your best ever?

I'll kick off:

The Wedding Present - Finsbury Park Powerhaus - 1994ish

Just brilliant - raw, energetic, great interaction from Gedge, loud, great atmosphere, great venue. I was deaf for days afterwards.


  • U2 July 1987 at Murrayfield, Edinburgh. Great Show!
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  • iainf72iainf72 Posts: 15,784
    My Bloody Valentine earlier this year. Astonishing that they could come back and still be marvellous.

    All 3 times I've seen Godspeed You! Black Emperor

    Boards of Canada @ All Tomorrows Parties in 01

    Squarepusher @ Warp 10'th Birthday party 1999. Strangely, the next time I saw the Pusher at the 100 Club he was so awful it wasn't even funny

    Aphex Twin @ ATP in 03.

    The Metallica £5 gig at the O2 a few weeks go was also great.
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  • andypandyp Posts: 8,712
    Johnny Cash @ The Shepherd's Bush Empire in July 1994.

    REM @ Manchester Apollo in 1989.
  • pneumaticpneumatic Posts: 1,989
    Thin Lizzy - Edinburgh Playhouse 1981 - sheer power

    Stranglers - Alpexpo Grenoble 1983 - right down the front

    The Meteors - Drac Ouest nightclub, Grenoble 1984 - intimate and wild

    U2 at the Caird Hall in Dundee in 1983 was a very good show, but I was in a bad mood that night (woman trouble!)

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  • The Barracudas at Dingwalls, sometime in late 1984 - the only time I ever saw them live :(

    Both The Long Ryders and Green on Red at the same venue were pretty amazing too.
  • Bruce Springsteen Wembley Stadium July 4th 1985
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  • shazzzshazzz Posts: 1,071
    Jane's Addiction at Subterranea, around the same time Ritual came out and a warm up show for Reading festival (which they subsequently cancelled their appearance at).

    It was a fantastic week - some mates and I had been away on a boozy weekend, then went to the JA gig, slept at Waterloo station then headed for Reading festival.

    The concert was astounding - I was offered some ridiculous sums for my ticket outside, the gig was packed to the rafters, hot and sweaty and it really felt like we were witnessing something rare and special (which of course we were).
  • fugazi - bristol bierkeller

    holy f**k at the thekla bristol

    and many wedding present gigs but espcially the one with buffalo tom as support
  • mrushtonmrushton Posts: 5,182
    oxenhoper wrote:
    Bruce Springsteen Wembley Stadium July 4th 1985


    And any of the shows on the 1981 'River' tour
  • st68st68 Posts: 219
    sunrise rave white waltham airfield 1989 f**kin mental danced all night :D
    cheesy quaver
  • Jean-Michel Jarre Destination Docklands 1988

  • AmosAmos Posts: 438
    Oasis at Knebworth, August 10th 1996, the first gig I ever went to!
  • mercsportmercsport Posts: 664
    Too many best gigs . To a rock junkie they were alaways the best ...until the next one came along .

    Er : Eddie Cochran at ... M'cr , I forget where ; Bo Diddley Oldham '64 ; John Mayall and Clapton ( when he was worth seeing ) ; Cream ( still worth seeing ) ; Jimi Hendrix at the Shaftesbury '67 ; Mothers of Invention - Albert Hall ; Arthur Brown - Pink Floyd - Soft Machine at UFO Tott'm C'rt Rd. ; The first Technicolor Dream at Ally Pally ; Captain Beefheart ...and so on . Saw Beck and a couple of Zep's early gigs , but they don't hang around in my addled noggin for some reason .

    Although I missed Punk I expect that was the last time R&R had any real visceral appeal . Gave up when they started hiring football stadiums and the like .
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  • samoffsamoff Posts: 128
    Nina Nastasia at The Spitz Club in 2002

    James (supported by the Happy Mondays), Sheffield Uni in 1988

    The Smiths supported by James at Cheppenham Goldiggers in 1984
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  • Elbow at Sheffield earlier this year went straight into my Top 5

    Richard Hawley anywhere!!
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  • wiffachipwiffachip Posts: 861
    the clash, newcastle poly 1978
    slade, newcastle city hall 1973
    tom verlaine, peppermint lounge new york 1981
    david bowie, newcastle riverside 1995ish
    the concretes, newcastle academy 2006
    talking heads, newcastle poly 1977
    rezillos, middlesbrough rock garden 1978
    tom petty, newcastle city hall 1978
    tony christie, the sage gateshead 2008
  • Thin Lizzy Renegade Tour Leeds Queens Hall(?) 1981 ish
    Gillan Trouble Tour Nottingham 1981ish think banged my head til i was dizzy
    UFO Nowhere to Run Tour first ever gig Sheffield city hall had a chat with Phil Mogg

    Worst gigs (i know you didn't ask but hey...)
    Marillion Hammersmith Odeon not good & Rolling Stones Leeds Roundhay Park fell asleep after first song woke up when the fireworks went off.
  • toshmundtoshmund Posts: 390
    Deacon Blue, Wembley Arena 90/91ish. Lorraine Mcintosh - what a voice!?

    Worst gig and you did not mention Smashing Pumpkins :shock: Nottingham Arena about 6 months ago. Billy Corgan - you are a muppet!
  • BrainsBrains Posts: 1,732
    Dammed - Final show with nearly priginal line up, Apollo mid 1986
    Pink Floyd - Earls Court about 1977
    Bob Dylan - Blackbushe about 1980
    Dr and the Medics - Carlisle May 1986
    Medics/Cult/Motorhead/Dammed jam under Charing Cross 1987
    Rainbow - at the Rainbow 1978
    Ian Dury - Hammersmith 1988
    Duffy - Glasto 2008
    Tom Jones - Earls Court TV - 2005
    James Brown - V2 1999
  • Tom ButcherTom Butcher Posts: 3,830
    The Prisoners - Rotherham Town Hall, 1985

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  • The Stinkin' Fish at Stourbridge Town Hall 1987

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  • mathimathi Posts: 110
    Greenday - Milton keynes bowl 8)
  • ZZ Top, wembley Arena when I was about 9 yrs old with mum and dad. Prob about 1984 or something. Amazing, I was hiding from the laser show as I thought they would killl me. haha.

    Pink Floyd, all of em.

    Rolling Stones, W Arena with Bro.

    Chuck Berry, Brentwood centre. Years ago.

    Reading festival, Supergrass, Beastie Boys, Chemicla Brothers, Prodigy. All back to back. awesome.

    Oh yea. One of the best ever. Lamb at Manchester Uni 2001 or something. amazing small gig, with awesome sound.
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  • Best : Wonderstuff @ Astoria 1988 (2 nights) all the way to that London villiage with no tickets, both gigs sold out. Got in via a Fire Exit scam first night; blagged the guest list on the second.....

    Worst : The mighty Fall were awful a few weeks back in Aberdeen, which was a real shame.....
  • toshmundtoshmund Posts: 390
    Mark E Smith was mentioned in the paper the other day, refused to come out of the toilet for a show. He is a needy character!!! Should join Smashing Pumpkins. They have the infrastructure there, to put up with Billy Corgan's issues already.
  • ChrisLSChrisLS Posts: 2,749
    Dylan, Wembly Stadium 85/86...The Clash, West Runton Pavilion 1977 with the Buzzcocks...
    ...all the way...'til the wheels fall off and burn...
  • NuggsNuggs Posts: 1,804
    Worst : The mighty Fall were awful a few weeks back in Aberdeen, which was a real shame.....
    I saw The Fall at the Forum years ago. Utter censored - Mark E Smith really couldn't be arsed...
  • afx237viafx237vi Posts: 12,630
    Radiohead & Sigur Ros, Tredegar House, Newport, September 2000. Right before Radiohead released Kid A, back when an album getting leaked early on Napster was a big deal.
  • ChrisLS wrote:
    Dylan, Wembly Stadium 85/86...The Clash, West Runton Pavilion 1977 with the Buzzcocks...

    although I never went there myself, West Runton Pavilion must have been the best venue in the country bar none. I've got the book about it, it would make a great film. The Sex Pistols gig there must have been incredible. An amazing story, the list of bands that played there is unbelievable.

    ChrisLS, did you see many gigs there ?
  • iainf72iainf72 Posts: 15,784
    afx237vi wrote:
    Radiohead & Sigur Ros, Tredegar House, Newport, September 2000. Right before Radiohead released Kid A, back when an album getting leaked early on Napster was a big deal.

    Were you a Warp-head before Kid A or after? :D
    Fckin' Quintana … that creep can roll, man.
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