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Brake Pads for Shimano XT M765's

MickyMickMickyMick Posts: 33
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Quick Question...
After doing the GT Black route on Sunday (Heavy Rain, Blizzard's and Hail Storms!) I've
noticed my brake pads are almost gone. I'm using Shimano XT M765's
which were came supplied with shimano 'M06 Metal' pads last Jan. I was
just wondering if i should go for the same pads again or should I try
something different e.g. Shimano M07's, EBC, Clarks, FIBRAX etc. . I feel the current pads deteriorated quickly on
sunday and have read elsewhere that sintered pads are the way to go in
the winter (i.e. Mud and Wet). I noticed these on ebay:

and have read elsewhere that FIBRAX pads are pretty good i.e. versus shimano for price.
Anyone care to offer any other brands/types or offer general advice?
Thanks in advance,


  • Anyone???!!!! Please help.
  • I still have the original Shimano sintered pads in my T M765s.They have lasted so well I would probably buy the same again.
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  • Cheers Spiderman, is that the 'MO7-s Resin' model numbers?
  • dunkerdunker Posts: 1,503
    happy with the m06 metal/sintered pads here, i had about 3000 miles outta my first set i think and the second set are doing just as well. i do give them an occasional squirt of muc-off disc brake cleaner though, dunno if it makes any difference to longivety or not. oh and i mostly ride in the dry too.
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