Trek 1.7 shed a lb or two ???

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Hi all,
Just got a near new trek 1.7 2008 second hand
Link below for spec
(specialized Toupe saddle instead of the listed bontrager one)

Whats the best way £ for lb to shed some weight ?
Wheels - lighter ones?
Stem and bars - carbon ones ?
Any help would be good
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  • keef66
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    unless you've got money to burn I'd leave it as it is.

    Better / lighter wheels would make the biggest difference / £.
    Carbon bar and stem might only save a few grams yet set you back £400.
    If you go shopping for a lighter groupset you'll end up paying more than the bike cost you.

    If you personally have any excess weight you could lose that would be a cheaper way to go.
  • gkerr4
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    you have changed the saddle which is a big saving (the toupe is about as light as it gets) - so I would agree that wheels are a good upgrade - for a number of reasons, weight being just one of them.

    after that - well - you might find that carbon bars / stem are actually heavier than the alloy ones (although they look great!)

    other stuff not really worth it to be honest - you could change to a top of the range groupset but you would need to spend close to a grand and probably only save a few grams of weight.

    You should definately change the tyres as a minimum - they will be heavy and rubbish if my experience of OE tyres on 5-600 bikes is anything to go by. Then the wheels and you would have a pretty sweet bike.
  • bunnerscj
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    Any one got any good ideas for tyres as an upgrade ???
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  • Al_38
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    i like continental gp4000s tyres - they last quite well, grip well, roll quickly.

  • k-dog
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    I have the same bike as you - and am just about to put a toupe on it.

    Other than that the next thing I will be changing is the tyres - they're just not great although are a little better now that I've put 1000 miles on them.

    I'm thinking of the Michelin Pro 3's when I change them - probably wait until after Christmas now though .
    I'm left handed, if that matters.