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tyre uneven on rim?

mrdoofermrdoofer Posts: 71
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I just put a new tyre on my wheel but on inflating it it doesn't seem to sit evenly around the rim, I can see where there is more of the tyre sitting underneath the rim at some places on the wheel. The inner tube seems to be inside the tyre all around the wheel, and I've reinstalled the tyre again, same problem. Popped it on the bike (just in case I was being paranoid) and there was a noticeable regular bump coming from the wheel. I've spun the wheel and the rim seems ok, but when the tyre is on there you can see a definite bump.

Sorry for the long post, I guess I have made an obvious mistake, but just can't see it. Any guidance greatly appreciated!


  • Some tyre/rim combinations are just alittle more difficult to 'pop the bead' than others.

    Deflate the tyre and get some water (or a little washing up liquid for more lubrication) between the rim and tyre. You may find you still need to over inflate the tyre for the bead to pop. Once popped let the excess air out.
  • Thanks, I'll have a go lunchtime in the office!
  • couldn't wait till lunchtime, had a go quickly worked a treat! nice tip, I was going mental trying to figure that. Thanks again.
  • toontratoontra Posts: 1,160
    Yep, check the maximum recommended pressure on the tyre wall and take it 10-15 psi over that.

    a serious case of small cogs
  • Glad to have kept you out of the asylum :D .
  • beverickbeverick Posts: 3,461
    Just a few ideas:

    Have you got the correct tube for the tyre (ie 28c+ tube in a 26c- tyre?)

    Is the tyre the correct size for the rim (ie 28c+ tyre on a 26c- rim?)

    Is the rim/tyre damaged?

    Is it the valve seat that's stopping the tyre sit correctly on the bead.

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