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Can a Chain be loose?

ride_wheneverride_whenever Posts: 13,279
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Oh great forum oracle, can a chain be loose?

Basically, when stopped it is like the chain goes slack and when you pull off again you have a fair bit of revolution before the cranks re-engage. The freehub is fine as if you make small steps with the cranks you can feel the freehub engaging then releasing as you move round. Is it possible the mech spring is dieing?

The bike was bought in april and the rear mech is a Sora one.


  • JWSurreyJWSurrey Posts: 1,173
    I don't totally understand the question.
    So if you're stationary and back-pedal slightly, you end up with a lot of "take up" before you're turning the wheels?
    Are your chain, rear derailleur jockey wheels and cassette clean?

    If you pick up the rear wheel and spin it as if you were moving forwards, with no pressure on the cranks, do they spin, or does the freewheel do it's job? If not, then it could be rust in the mechanism.
    We had an old wheel at home do this, with similar side-effects.
    A strip down, WD40, clean then re-grease of the hub did the trick - not a quick job though, and only poss. in this case because the hub was a traditional ball and cone type which leant itself to a strip down and re-grease. Not sure what you do with a sealed bearing type.
  • bill57bill57 Posts: 454
    Yes it can, because I remember seeing it on one of my mates bikes. The lower chain run hung loose between the rear mech and the chainset. The only reason I can think of is that he had a 29 tooth sprocket at the back, which obviously requires a longer chain, but only a short cage rear mech.
  • topdudetopdude Posts: 1,557
    I would remove the chain and check the freehub, rear mech tension springs, jockey wheels by hand, something is not free to move / rotate.
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  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    The bike was bought in april and the rear mech is a Sora one.
    and you have not changed anything?

    a bit soon for the mech spring to be going, but possible.

    More likely that the chain needs a clean and the jockey wheels could be sticky.
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  • beverickbeverick Posts: 3,461
    Sounds like a job for WD40 to me....

    Are the symptoms the same in different gears?

  • ride_wheneverride_whenever Posts: 13,279
    Currently the bike is filthy, but i'll give it a clean. Check the jockey wheels and everything is free-moving.
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