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First mountain bike

RipontigerRipontiger Posts: 14
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Hi everyone,
In the process of buying our boy's first mountain bike and have been looking at the Specialized hotrock 20. I'm sure it's a great bike and the seat lowers on this bike further than most others (he's not huge and we're looking for a bike that will last a while longer than his last one). Anyone any experience of this or any similar bike in the ~£200 bracket?


  • linsenlinsen Posts: 1,959
    How old is he?

    We just got an ex-rental ridgeback with 24" wheels for my 8-year-old and it's great, the seat goes pretty low.

    Personally I would seek out something second hand if he's under 10, chances are it won't last long....
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  • He's 6 at the end of November, not especially tall, but definitely coming to the end of life with his current bike- a 16in wheel BMX bike.
  • linsenlinsen Posts: 1,959
    Then I definitely wouldn't splash out too much - my son lasted 18 months or so on an 18" (or may have been 20") bike before he could cope on a 24" wheel. That's the one to invest in, IMHO
    Shame we've just got rid of it - you could have had it for a song!
    Emerging from under a big black cloud. All help welcome
  • My son's seven and rides a 24" wheeled 11.5" framed Giant STP, this will last him for years now.
    Don't fork out too much on this next bike, it won't last long.
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  • Hey..

    My son also have a 4 wheeled 11.5 framed Giant STP... I´m very very satisfied with this bike..

    He is 10 years now and he got the bike when he was 7 ... if I remember right. The bike fits ...

    I can recommend it !
  • Mike HealeyMike Healey Posts: 1,023

    Go the Islabikes route. Beatifully made, specc'd, proportioned and lighter than pretty much all the opposition.

    No unnecessary bells and whistles (or suspension) and great resale value (better than the rest afaik.

    Did I mention Islabikes, by the way?

    They are the most popular choice at our kids club when the parents have seen them and compared them with their kids current machine
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  • Well my 2p's worth....

    when my son was 4 i bought him a Trek 16" bike, which was £100 and managed to sell it on Gumtree locally for £50- superb...just the right size and weight for him and took a great deal of wear too... :D

    For his 7th in October just upgraded it for a MT220 (£200). He is quite big for his age - seat is sat down and he can just reach the floor, but the pedals are too close for him so he is a bit cramped pedalling.....but rather that than him falling off at the lights... :shock:

    .....he now just has the fun of going through 21 gears on the way from front door to the park lol
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