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garmin 701

webbhostwebbhost Posts: 470
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Hi all,

Seriously considering the garmin 701 cycling comp, but was wondering what other people on bikeradar thing to it? What advantages does it have over the 601? Also in particular, how would this unit stand out in the event of a crash? Is there a safe sturdy place to put it - as its not exactly cheap!!

Just lookin for some general reviews and suggestions if anyone would like to contribute?



  • Do you mean the Garmin Edge 705?
    There's no such thing as too old.
  • Richard_DRichard_D Posts: 320
    I have just got one. It feels rugged enough but I have not fitted it yet.
    The software installation was not as simple as it should be or as described in the manuals. Got it to work eventually. It implies that you load the MapSource software this will then load the USB drivers to link up the GPS.
    I hit a problem that unlocking the map using the unlock wizard never worked it never found the GPS, despite the fact that it was showing up in the safely remove hardware window. And if you tired the manual unlock it failed to see the Internet though I was browsing the web at the time. Succeeded in unlocking the maps and downloading some to the 705 by going to the garmin web site registering the radio at which point a side windowon the registration said the plugin was not working so I followed the instructions downloaded a new plug in and unlocked the map online as the unlock wizard would still not work.
  • webbhostwebbhost Posts: 470
    sorry, yes I meant the 705 model.
  • I've had one for about 2 months.Great.

    Also crashed damaging it. It survived well and works perfectly - apart from damage to protective rubber bit, which cannot be repaired!

    Found 2 incredible resources:- and

    It really is a great device, if a little steep in price and learning
    There's no such thing as too old.
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