Best value for money 2009 bikes

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Last year I thought there were several exceptional examples of good value for money bikes at different price points.

The Giant SCR range - Of the mass produced global bike makers this range pretty much undercut its main competitors (Specialized and Trek) by around £100

Focus Varido expert - Light aluminium frame complimented with Ultegra Ice for under a grand proper.

Focus Cayo - offering Dura Ace components £999 The Expert version had better wheels etc for £1500

Planet X - offering Dura Ace components £999

With the 09 prices mostly out what bikes except for the Kiron Scandium and Planet X look like they offer exceptional value and return for your money?

IMO 2008 produced far better bikes coupled with components than what 2009 is shaping to offer - I'd go as far as to say 2008 was a better year for bicycles than the coming year. Obviously, (due to our sliding economy) we aren't likely to get as good a deal as in previous years but there must be some gems out there?
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    The updated Boardman range? But then I am biased :P
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    The new Wiggle brand Scandium got a 10 from C+ this month, can't remember the name but it looked gurt lush in red/black combo, £1k

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