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Bicycle Trailers-Any Information would be fantastic!

3D Student3D Student Posts: 11
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Hi Everyone, I am a 3D Design student at University. I am currently working on a project which promotes cycling and public transport. I have been researching into bicycle trailers. However I have very little experience using them. Does anyone own, use or commute with a trailer. What are the biggest pros/cons with the designs. What puts you off buying one is it the price, image or style? What is the best design one/two wheels? Do you use your trailer for shopping. Have you got any thoughts or opinions about evolving the design? Any information would be really useful thank you.


  • priorypriory Posts: 743
    What has stopped me touring with a trailer is the problem of getting it on busses and trains and aeroplanes.It's bad enough getting the bike on .
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  • CunobelinCunobelin Posts: 11,792
    I cheat!

    I use a Radical Cyclone which is basically a framed holdall with wheels.

    A good durable trailer, but once the wheels and arm are off (30 seconds)- it is a holdall so no problem with trains etc.....



    Holdall (I usually place the wheels inside..)

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  • Hi, Thanks for all the useful info its been a great help, Does anyone shop or use there trailers for anything else (could be anything)..


  • I use a carry freedom y frame trailer. They are so adaptable. I have used it for taking my household recycling and rubbish to the local amenity. I will be using it for some touring next year. I also plan to use it for fishing trips, picnics etc. try a search for carry freedom their web site has lots of examples of uses.
  • Hi, we've had a Bob Yak for a few years and have used it for touring and shopping. It has been a great load carrier on autumn trips and around Scotland when we need bulky warm waterproof gear. Can't compare with a two wheeler but it is great on rough tracks and even a rocky stream crossing. One thing to watch out for is the need to unload the trailer before disconnecting from the bike otherwise the trailer dropouts can spring off the rear skewer and get bent. It is quite difficult to manoeuvre the bike and trailer on foot, like when trying to position them against a wall or bike rack. A strong two-legged kickstand is recommended. We have used the Bob Yak to shop for fairly large items like electrical goods and get great satisfaction not needing the car. For summer touring we travel as light as possible just using rear panniers so the Bob Yak stays at home. We wouldn't bother to replace the Bob Yak now with another trailer but since we bought it some newer designs have come out. The biggest improvement would be to be able to fold it more compactly.
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