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Bicycle Trailers-Any Information would be fantastic!

3D Student3D Student Posts: 11
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Hi Everyone, I am a 3D Design student at University. I am currently working on a project which promotes cycling and public transport. I have been researching into bicycle trailers. However I have very little experience using them. Does anyone own, use or commute with a trailer. What are the biggest pros/cons with the designs. What puts you off buying one is it the price, image or style? What is the best design one/two wheels? Do you use your trailer for shopping. Have you got any thoughts or opinions about evolving the design? Any information would be really useful thank you.


  • What kind of traliers ... for luggage, or children?

    We have one for the latter (it holds a bit of the former too!) - a chariot cougar 1. Its been excellent for what we use it for - trips up to the park or bike rides on towpaths, smooth-ish bridleways and forest fire-roads. Also has an adaptor kit to turn it into a buggy so we can run with it. Can provide further details if this is what you're looking for ... and there have been a number of forum threads along the 'which trailer' lines.
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