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budget all year round bikes?

manc12manc12 Posts: 4
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very new to cycling, not even bought my first bike yet lol

bascially i want to try and find a bike for around 400 quid. obviously i know i might need to change the tyres for different weather conditions.

can anyone recommend a bike then?

like i said im a total beginner, and just want a road bike to get into shape maybe to do around 10 miles a night once i get into it.

any help will be appreciated



  • edhornbyedhornby Posts: 1,780
    welcome !

    let us know where you are planning to ride... will you commute or evenings / weekends?

    for a starter, look at the focus bikes on wiggle, and also the audax bikes on Ribble cycles you may be able to get for your budget... also edinburgh coop have good deals, there is a shop in manchester (I'm assuming you live in manchester somewhere from your name..)

    I would also reccomend going round bike shops and asking for a try ride to see what you like and what fits you
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  • manc12manc12 Posts: 4
    ill be riding mostly at night, i dont get home from work till around 7 so it will most probably be around 8-9 after ive got myself sorted out, weekends i will go out for a short ride on sundya afternoons maybe.

    and yeah im in manchester not too sure where id be riding, weve got dasiy nook near us or i have friends that live up in mossley that ride also so if i can get my bike up there there a fair few routes around there.

    my best friend used to cycle when he was younger and was quality but since he gave it up he wont touch a bike because he knows what a mistake it was so its useless trying to get him to come out with me but maybe he could help plan some routes?
  • manc12manc12 Posts: 4
    Trek 1000 Road Bike 07

    Claud Butler San Remo 2008 Road Bike ... e-ec000285

    Claud Butler Criterium 2008 Road Bike ... e-ec000284

    any of these any good?

    bet i sound like a right pain haha!
  • Mister WMister W Posts: 791
    If you're buying a bike for all year round use then I'd recommend getting one with space for full length mudguards. I would recommend the bike I ride in winter - Planet-X Kaffenback - but it's a bit out of your price range.
  • staggerstagger Posts: 116
    manc12 wrote:
    Trek 1000 Road Bike 07

    i have trek 1000 as a winter commute bike, its a decent frame for the money, may put some better wheels on at some point but they are fine, likewise the SORA kit- it doesnt shift like ultegra but its ok, you pays yer money....
  • Gav888Gav888 Posts: 946 ... e-ec001627

    Im looking at one of these myself for a first road bike, alot of people recommend them....
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  • scr 2 / ocr / specialized allez

    great bikes

    you can tour, commute or race on them.

    thats my vote
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