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Raceblade alternative? - Tortec Razor

BiscuiteerBiscuiteer Posts: 143
edited October 2008 in Road beginners
Whilst shopping online for a set of SKS racelblades, I came across a different set of removable mudguards - Tortec Razors - on the Ribble site and temptingly, they're £10 cheaper. Does anyone have any experience of the Razors - how do they compare to the raceblades?


  • sloxamsloxam Posts: 861
    yep, they're ok but after a winter i swapped to raceblades.
    tortec + cheap
    sks + easy to adjust
    easy to remove
    don't wobble as much
    keep more censored off you
    i hate hills (cos i'm fat)
  • Thanks for the comparison - very useful. The Razors are now out of my shopping basket and I'm paying the extra for the raceblades.
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