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Rise Against

The Northern MonkeyThe Northern Monkey Posts: 20,783
edited October 2008 in The Crudcatcher
Anybody know who they are? i've been listening to them for ages and none of my mates have ever herd of them!
i'm wanting to go see them at the roundhouse in London in march, but no-one wants to go with me!!
looks like i'll go as a loner :x


  • spuddlespuddle Posts: 61
    i know who they are, and love em! id go with ya but i live up near manchester lol, they are playing here next year and got no one to go with either :(
  • ahh that sucks! i'm actually from around manchester, but at uni in london. plus the roundhouse is their last venue.
    i love the roundhouse, its tiny and has a wicked atmosphere!

    you got rise against's new album? bit slower than older stuff but still bloody brilliant!
  • Lol, they're a good band, I've not heard much of them, but my mate has all (over 6 i think?) of their albums and he never stops goin on about them at the minute. They're on the latest guitar hero too i think?
  • yea they got a song on guitar reason i bought it :)

    and yea, got all their albums, new one just came out.

    theres only 2-3 songs i dont actally like so much, and thats not bad considering i've got over 80 of them!
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