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had my first fall off today

lawless23456lawless23456 Posts: 9
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hi all

im new here and new to riding and had my first falling off today, i was embarassed more than anything, but also angry because i was 5 miles and 10 minutes from a PB, what happened? well i had come up out of the saddle to pedal hard and build speed whilst i was throwing my bike from side to side my handle bar grip(no drop handle bars) came of in my hand and sent me to the deck grazing me new quite badly and a portion of my face and ripping a small hole in my glove. so to end i'd lost the personal best i'd been working hard for so i am gutted but need advice on making sure my grips dont come off again? i read hairspray is good to use but i tried that and doesnt work entirely hopefully can work this out soon so this wont happen again




  • VividVivid Posts: 267
    Lock on grips?
  • niponnipon Posts: 68
    Try using Araldite,i used to use it on my motox bikes and never had a grip come off.Had to cut them off with a stanley nife. :D
  • man that sucks - hope your ok - I'm still waiting for the brusises to fade from my first fall last week :lol:
    I added some small bar end things to mine when I got it - the grips wont come off - but I guess the bar ends might :?
  • redveeredvee Posts: 11,922
    Various solutions work, I used to use a small squirt of GT85. Clean inside the grips and bars and spray a very small amount of GT85 into the end of the grips and slide onto your bars and leave to dry overnight.

    The most obvious and surefire solution is to buy a pair of Lock-On grips.
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  • Get some lock on grips or there are various things I use for the grips on my motox bike, get some grip glue (renthal is probably the most available) or if you want to try some sprays clean the bars then give the inside of the grips a small squirt with either contact cleaner, hair spray or wd40.
  • +1 for hairspray on the inside of the grips.
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  • larmurflarmurf Posts: 110
    hi all

    but also angry because i was 5 miles and 10 minutes from a PB, what happened?

    I think that the PB thing is dangerous in itself. Had a fall which could have been worse when trying for one. Nearly hit a car in Spain at Oabout when trying for another (totally my fault). Have now decided that I am mature enough to make small allowances for unforseen obstacles and rate myself accordingly. Also Polar computer which gives readings of each 2 mile lap. Bad laps can be discounted or replaced with a more accurate average of previous rides.
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  • x8swift9xx8swift9x Posts: 268
    I feel for you lawless, I had the same thing happen to me years ago (morning paper round, 13 yrs old) I was forced to quit paper round due to the injuries that prevented me riding a bike for over a month! Thank god I didnt hit my head tho, I was too ignorant to wear a helmet back then!
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  • InfamousInfamous Posts: 1,130
    I'd go to the shop where you got it and make them put on some new Lock-on grips.
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