My First Bike!

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My first bike was a Dawes Kingpin and I got it in 1967 at the tender age of 11. I was thrilled, I got a blue bike, my sister a red bike and there they were waiting for us on Xmas day. It came with a lovely set of white panniers and I used to do lot's of little errands for my mum with those's good to see they still have a version of the kingpin today....what was your first bike?

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    Trev - you've got me all nostalgic now - my first bike was a Raleigh Olympus like this one


    5 speeds, Bluemels mudguards. I travelled all over South London on it, from Wimbledon where I lived, (I was just 11, it all seemed pretty safe to me at the time!). I did my cycling proficiency test on it - 99/100 :lol: (I was gutted about the 1 point though).