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Rigid forks for a front-sus MTB ?

girv73girv73 Posts: 842
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I've a 100mm travel front-sus MTB as a commuter and I'd like to ditch the heavy, saggy sus forks for some rigid legged excitement.

What should I be looking for? Any recommendations?
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  • girv73 wrote:
    I've a 100mm travel front-sus MTB as a commuter and I'd like to ditch the heavy, saggy sus forks for some rigid legged excitement.

    What should I be looking for? Any recommendations?

    I have the on-one carbon efforts which are excellent but disk only. they also do alu but stock on both can be variable I think.

    The Pace RC-whatever are gorgeous but expensive.

    cheap option are the classic Kona Project II which can be obtained in various lengths to match your frame geometry.
  • girv73girv73 Posts: 842
    I should have mentioned I've disc brakes. I'll check out the On-One and Kona, cheers.
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  • <a>road</a>
  • neiltbneiltb Posts: 332
    just arranged to do the same to mine, my 95 cindercone is going back to project 2 forks, not the same ones though, they were threaded.

    Cycling back to work after lunch I noticed a leaky fork seal (2001 bombers), the last time I had lbs do seals cost $120, new forks + install (+ -1.5lb) = $130.
    FCN 12
  • Orange F8 at £54 quid or thereabouts?

    Probably not a million miles away from the f7's fitted to my clockwork all those years ago, when most bikes didnt have front suspension.
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    Orange P7 (1999) Road
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    Oh, and BMX is the *ultimate* single speed.
  • gs3gs3 Posts: 249
    I've got a set of On-one Superlight Chromoly 440 v/disc rigids in white if you're interested! (I'm at work right now so can't access your bike photo to judge the aesthetics of a white fork!)
    Steerer tube is 190mm and is too short for my most recent frame (got a set of Project 2's instead)
    Can do them for about £45-50 posted (negotiable).

  • Back on the perkins fixed for winter 42x16..
  • girv73girv73 Posts: 842
    @gs3 thanks for the offer, but my commuter is black and I think 190mm would be too short for the steerer in any case.

    On-one are hard to get in stock so I think I'll give them a miss, same for the Kona P2.

    Orange F8 look good - are they steel or aluminium? They should fit a standard headset right?

    Carboncycles forks look good too and if I can stretch the budget to the carbon ones, we may have a winner. It's a commuter, so ride comfort will be a deciding factor here.

    Any opinions on the following?
      * Kinesis Maxlight - read they were a bit harsh when fitted to an aluminium frame * Surly Instigator * DMR Trailblade 2
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  • Been looking at rigid forks myself. Had a look at ebay etc, and they seem to be fetching stupid money second-hand, may as well buy new ones........!
    Like the look of the "eXotic" carbon forks, but the finances are not up to that level at the moment. Has any one had experience of the eXotic Rigid Alu MTB Fork???
  • eXotic carbon forks are good (supersonic recommended them to me a while back) and they can be got new for £80-£90 on eBay, the other option is the superstar components one.
  • girv73girv73 Posts: 842
    I've done some research, ie: used Google and gathered together the opinions of the internets!
      * Current forks - unbranded Suntour XCR-100 LO, weight 2.2Kg * Surly Instigator: cromo, weight 1.4Kg, stiff and meant for heavy duty use * Kinesis Maxlight: aluminium, weight 1.1Kg, stiff and harsh riding * DMR Trailblade 2: cromo, weight 1.7Kg (heavy!), 31.8mm tubing means extreme stiffness * Orange F8: cromo, weight 1.1Kg, controlled, decent ride * eXotic Carbon: carbon/alloy, 0.7Kg, smooth ride

    For a commuter bike I don't need the strength of a touring or jump fork and I'd obviously like minimum weight with a comfortable ride, so I'm down to two choices now: the Orange or the eXotic. I'd like the eXotic of course :lol:

    Any opinions on those two?
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  • lee67lee67 Posts: 5
    ive got the exoctic carbon forks on my ss'.....there great light as a feather and even roll well down the beast!!! em u wont be dissapointed :D
  • girv73girv73 Posts: 842
    edited January 2009
    lee67 - I've since decided on the Orange F8's and have been riding them this past week.
    Check it out

    Beware the eXotic forks - theres a 95Kg recommended maximum rider weight limit on them :oops:
    Today is a good day to ride
  • just put a set on my charge duster i'm building up, look awesome although yet to be riddden.

    there customer service is pretty bad mind, had a mix up with forks sent to me, then was accused of fitting a set and scratching them when they werent even taken out the box. was blamed for about two weeks getting no where, not even a refund then they changed there mind all of a sudden with no explination. just something worth thinking about for future issues.
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