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hi all.
new to the forum so didnt no where to post this.
im new to road biking and cycling in general...bought and giant scr 1.5 but the second third time ive gone out on it the gear shifter doesnt seem to be working. only had it bout 4 - 5 weeks. i bought it in tredz so is it just a case of taking it in or is there something i can do? will it be under warranty or is it likely to cost?
thanks in advance.


  • Take it back. They should sort it free of charge.
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    I got a road bike recently too so I'm not exactly an expert on the subject. With my bike I found the (Sora) Shifter which changes down on the front chainring so stiff I phoned my LBS to say the gears didn't work. Turns out with a bit of extra pressure it worked and loosened up quickly from then on. Also the SORA gears seem to require a double click of you want to change gear?

    If your gear problem isn't so simple then call Tredz and they should fix it for free. Parts normally have a year warranty. If you got it from the shop rather than online you may even get the first service free?

    Hope this is helpful
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    thanks guys think im just going to take it in this morning...just didnt want to look stupid lol.
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    did you sort it?
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    got it booked in for thursday and having its free 6week service as well so hopefully all will be sorted.