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PDA navigation

76%76% Posts: 3
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Im looking to use a PDA for navigation purposes along with Memorymap or Quo....Can anyone suggest any PDA's


  • I have an Ipaq 2210 that is now quite old, it runs MemoryMap 5 and TomTom fine using a bluetooth GPS receiver. My Father in-law uses a Mitac Mio digiwalker again that runs MM and TT but is a self contained unit.

    I stopped using the PDA as I was always worried about breaking it, and when in an Otterbox it was just too bulky. I now use a Garmin Geko 201, there is no background maps, but I just upload routes to it and download the tracks from it. I would never not carry a map anyway and if you have MM then maps are just printed for a ride and then generally given away, the Geko can give you your position as an OS grid reference.
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  • dav1dav1 Posts: 1,298
    I'm not sure I would trust a PDAs offroad but I have seen bar mounts for them.

    Really depends on what you want, I have been eyeing up the new HTC PDAs recently.

    The HTC touch diamond / O2 XDA ignito / T-mobile MDA compact IV (networks take the HTC device and rename it so they are all the same) is a nice compact device with many very nifty features on it.

    If you want something with more functions on a mobile contract the HTC touch pro / o2 XDA serra

    if you don't want a contract the expansys does a lot of PDAs. Other option is to look on ebay as there should be a fair few older ones on there as people upgrade.
    someting like the o2 XDA orbit II, HTC TYTNII/ o2 XDA Stella, orange SPV m700...
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  • 76%76% Posts: 3
    Thanks for the comments,. i'm also considering the Garmen 60csx.Like BorisSpencer points out i would also be worried in case i broke the PDA while out on the trail.But i do have concerns about base maps on the Garmen.I could add the GB Topo maps but have read good and bad reviews about them.Once again thanks your comments are very helpful
  • CunobelinCunobelin Posts: 11,792
    MemoryMap has abuilt in PDA program called "Navigator" whereas I don't know about "Quo"

    You can then download maps onto the PDA - a self enclosed package. All you then need is a GPS either as an inbuilt or accessory.

    The BIG limitation is battery life - most PDAs have a life of 4 hours or so, and if running a GPS this may be less!

    Up to this point I used to use a very basic Etrex for the navigation, and a Dell Axim for editing and occasional fixes.

    The only real problem is going to be cost

    I had a tax refund which bought me a SatMAp and this is the ultimate, but this does not have mapping on the PC and you cannot transfer maps.

    I use the SatMap with Memory Map as I already had the latter. But you can do your planning on Bikely, MapMyRdide or similar and then navigate on the SatMap. I then download and use MemoryMap to review routes, but this can be done on Google Earth for free

    Do beware though that whatever you buy Ordnance survey is draconian in it's copyright restrictions so maps are never going to be compatible with other systems!
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  • I've got a Loox N560 (Fuji Siemens). Built in GPS - problem is battery life - however you can get 4xAAA battery packs which plug in but then the problems weight. I've got an otter box which I need to try - will report back.
  • TonyWardTonyWard Posts: 149
    has anyone tried the iPhone?
  • mhukmhuk Posts: 327
    Does the iPhone have GPS now?

    I use Memory Map with an O2 XDA.
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