Giant SCR2 and SKS P35 Mudguards

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I've just invested in some SKS mudguards for my SCR2. I've not yet attempted to fit them, and before I do I would like to get any advice from bikers who have fitted them. I have noticed one area that may cause some problems and that's with the fork crown bolt that (I think ?) holds the front brake calipers to the fork, it's also where (I think?) I have to attach the front mudguard. The bolt is recessed into the rear of the fork, and looking at the SKS instructions, it shows the mounting bracket of the mudguard fits to the rear of the fork. Is this going to cause me any problems? If so how do you overcome the problem? Any other areas to consider? I must admit (as an aircraft engineer) I normally read the instructions "if all else fails"!! but I suppose age is getting the better of me and a bit of pre planning may help?? :roll:




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    Just fit the bracket at the front of the fork, rather than the back.
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    I don't have SKS mudguards but I do have an SCR2. I think you'll find they fit to the front of the fork which means you will probably have to remove the wheel first before fitting the bracket to the brake bolt.

    Also you will probably find that the supplied bolts are too big for the eyelets. Save yourself some hassle and just find some smaller ones that fit comfortably. Don't be tempted to force the the supplied bolts as they are likely to rust in, plus you could damage the carbon fork.

    Similarly with the rear mudguard you may find there is not sufficient clearance to get a bolt between the eyelet and sprocket. Again use a smaller bolt.

    Make sure you get everything square and equi-distant and there is no rubbing on the tyres before you tighten the bolts.
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  • Thanks guys.